Danny Caro
South Florida Photographer & Graphic Artist
With an Associate’s in Graphic Design and in Computer Animation/Multimedia already under his belt, Danny chose to broaden his career path with video production. The growing popularity of visual effects in blockbuster movies were his fascination and inspiration for one day creating similar masterpieces.
A full-time graphic designer by day and student by night, Danny spent many sleepless nights learning, practicing and mastering the art behind the making of feature films. Well praised by instructors, classmates and clients, his work raised the bar and his passion was one for others to follow. While a student, Danny’s art has been featured in the school’s ARTISTIK Magazine, he partnered with a friend and classmate to produce full-production projects, and interned at a local marketing and production company creating motion graphics marketing pieces that greatly impressed both his employer and client.
Today, with his Bachelors in Post Production, Danny works at a local TV news station, putting his tricks of the trade into practice. “Veni, Vidi, Vici”, once spoken by the ambitious Julius Caesar, or for a more modern reference, Jay-Z- “I came, I saw, I conquered”. This is the dedication that Danny lives by. Always looking for his next mountain to climb and climb it to the very top and to be successful in everything that he does.